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How To Play Keeper

Keeper is a party game where you glimpse into the minds and hearts of your friends.

Setup: Separate cards by type and color. Players create their own scorecards based on the sample scorecard provided in the Base Game.

Round 1: Reveal three character cards. Players write down the character they most want to date and guess who the other players have chosen. Players share their selections and circle if guessed correctly. You may circle your own, but it will not count toward your score. ;)

Round 2: Reveal one blue Reputation Card and one yellow Hobby Card for each character. Based on the new information, players update their selections. Share selections and circle if correct.

Round 3: Reveal one purple Goal Card and one red Negative Card for each character. Update and share selections, circling if correct. The player with the most total correct guesses is the winner.


About Keeper:

Recommended for 3-8 players but can be played with any number of players.

Character cards do not specify gender but there are 20 masculine, 20 feminine, and 20 gender neutral names.

Keeper is recommended for ages 16+ as it has some mature content. If you have questions about age appropriateness, feel free to reach out to me. Character cards are all ages appropriate, but some personality trait cards include references to alcohol or otherwise more adult material. These cards can be removed without affecting gameplay (similar to Cards Against Humanity).


Items Available For Purchase:

Base Game: 60 character cards, 120 personality trait cards (30 per category), 1 instruction card/sample scorecard, 8 blank personality trait cards, 8 dry erase markers, 8 dry erase scorecards, and a game box.

Game Board: Sold separately and is not required for play.

Quidditch Expansion: 80 personality trait cards (20 per category). Is playable without the base game with the use of printed photos or trading cards and scorecards written on paper.

Extra Scorecards and Markers: These items are available for purchase so you can play with more players.

About Keeper: About
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